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Richmond upon Thames College student prints 3D PPE for NHS

Richmond upon Thames College student prints 3D PPE for NHS

Students and staff of Richmond upon Thames College (RuTC) have been teaching and learning remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic and RuTC uses all the latest software to deliver the best possible learning experience. However, some students go the extra mile and use their spare time to help the local community and the NHS.

Ben Grace, Engineering Level 2 student at RuTC, has been producing personal protective equipment (PPE) parts with his 3D printer at home to support key workers at the frontline. In a social media post he shared his amazing work and encouraged everyone to give as much support as they can. He said, “I signed up to 3DCROWD.UK initially to use my 3D printer to help this amazing cause. I have been helping out for over two weeks now volunteering my spare time and have now become one of the local coordinators for West London, organising local hubs where makers like myself can send our printed parts to be assembled and given to the people in the frontline.”

3DCrowd UK was one of the first who responded to the PPE shortage and has grown from a handful of people to over 6,000 volunteers who use their own 3D printers to produce face shields. 39,000 face shields will be delivered to key workers at the COVID-19 frontline in the upcoming weeks, with the production of more parts continuing.

Simon Walker, Construction Crafts teacher at RuTC, said, “As Ben’s teacher I am immensely proud of his achievements. If there were just two things I would want for my students it would be curiosity and confidence. This project and his attitude towards it have given Ben both in heaps. Ben has also gained valuable experience for his course. Gaining first-hand knowledge of material selection, the design and manufacturing processes and assessing quality control. In tutor groups, we discuss emotional intelligence, feelings, sense of purpose, behaviour and how they are all interrelated. This has shown us that in any given moment we all have the ability to choose how we feel and behave. Well done to Ben and the NHS.”

Even though RuTC’s new college campus is currently closed, prospective students can still apply online for a course to join the college in September 2020 at the web site

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