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The Valentines Extravaganza Fair that was in Church Street (09 Feb 2019)

The Valentines Extravaganza Fair that was in Church Street (09 Feb 2019)

Valentines Extravaganza Fair in Church Street Twickenham
by Shona Lyons

Love is all around me and so the feeling goes.
I feel it in my fingers and I feel it in my toes…

On the 9th of February Church Street celebrated this Festival to Saint Valentine with our own great Valentine Extravaganza fair. The inspiration for this fair was partly the drab winter months and the longing for colour and some festivities as well of course as celebrating our patron saint Valentine. Knowing that we could easily choose a date with inclement weather such was our craving that we decided to bite the bullet and do it anyway. We said to ourselves that if we managed to pull it off it would provide a little bit of fun and frivolity for our merry band of Church Street traders, our loyal troop of war weary market stall holders and our fun loving local community.

On the day thankfully the lashing rain of the day before and the sub-zero temperatures were no longer. The sky actually was quite blue but there was quite a wind and for the few hours of set-up in the early morning we battened down the hatches and strapped huge bags of soil, sand and rock and whatever else we could find to the poles of the gazeboes. If you looked carefully you would have also seen petrol canisters that double up as water containers for mobile plant watering in the summer as well as quite a few full watering cans. Our stall holders were wonderfully upbeat and cheerful. There is nothing like the British Spirit in the face of English Winters!

Everyone said that they had a great day and that they had enjoyed themselves and that sales had been good. The local community had turned out in force and everyone was happy even the Bloomery sold out entirely of flowers! There was a great sense of camaraderie amongst the Church Street Traders, Stall holders, the musicians, of which there were several and notably the Richmond Brass Band who battled with the peeling of St Mary’s Bells which seemed to go on for ever and finally not being able to stand it any longer, up sticks and went to play with their instruments and their music flying in the wind, to the top of the street.

Abigail Thomson 09 Feb 18.22
“Hi, just writing to say a big thank you for organising the fair today. It went really well and I loved our location. Loads of people were asking when the next one was and saying they wished they were more regular which is really positive. Please let me know when the next one is.”

Melissa Sincock 11 Feb 12.34
“We have had a wonderful response from the Valentine Fair. Please can you book us in for Sunday the 16th June for a stall.”

Stella Says 12 Feb 14.30
“it was a great event and I was very impressed with how well it was run and how hands on you were with helping all the traders baton down the hatches in the wind and checking everyone was ok etc.”

Pictures by Sasha Belavokaya for TW Magazines

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