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Minutes of the TTBA Networking Meeting 27 Sept 2017

Minutes of the TTBA Networking Meeting 27 Sept 2017

We held one of our Twickenham Town Business Association meetings at the Eel Pie Pub at 6.30pm on the 27th of September.

It was hard getting all the names of the attendees and we only managed to sign in about 2/3 of those who attended.

It was a really good and vibrant meeting with many people speaking and also asking to speak who were not on the agenda, in what was a friendly, open and relaxed atmosphere.

Many people stayed to network afterwards.

We would like to thank Jon and Emily of the Eel Pie Pub for their hospitality.

Here are the minutes. If anyone would like a copy please email


1. Bruce Lyons – TTBA
2. Shona Lyons – TTBA
3. Siobhan Oktay – LBRuT
4. Richard Coelho
5. Paul Music Heritage London
6. Janet Thompson – Age UK
7. David McGeachie – Tenant Finder
8. Cordelia Kerr – Harlequins
9. Jenny Kelly
10. Maurice Parry-Wingfield – Turner’s House
11. Emma Hands – Hands Serenity
12. Celia Holman
13. Edward
14. Kevin Jones – Eel Pie Records
15. Naz – Riccardo’s Cellar
16. Susan Olbery – Chuba Rasa
17. Sue Scott
18. Cllr Geoff Acton – LBRuT
19. Cllr Gareth Roberts – LBRuT
20. John Twickerman
21. Sharon Bastion – Snellars
22. Gerry Barwick – BID
23. Julie Sheldrick – Allissias Attic
24. Julia Neden-Watts – St Mary’s School PTA
25. Daniel Steward – Spear Outreach
26. Dr Antimos Ouzounoglou – Richmond Dental Suite
27. Con O Brien – Business Solutions
28. Deon Lombard – Park Not Car Park
29. Cathy Thompson – Park Not Car Park

Intro by Bruce Lyons

• Kevin Jones from Eel Pie Records
Talked about his record shop that he has set up with a great friend of many years
They sell vinyl second hand and new. Also record players and other equipment and coffee.

• Deon Lombard “Twickenham Riverside Park, Not Car Park”

Deon Lombard talked us through the plans of this campaign for a different design for the Twickenham Riverside. More details can be found

• David McGeachie from Tenant Finder

Talked about renting and buying property in Twickenham in the current economic climate.

• Bruce Lyons “Where Street Scene is taking us”
Way back in the 1970s @ my travel agency in 22 Church Street, we had a big floral canopy above the shop. Over the years the street has gone from strength to strength and so has the borough. In 2012 Lord True initiated a High Street Competition (Which Church Street won!) and following on from that LBRuT created a borough wide village competition which the TTBA has entered a few times and won Silver Gilt for Twickenham a few times! This year 8 villages entered in our borough, Kew won Gold and we got Silver Gilt.

• Shona Lyons “Events this Autumn & Winter”
We are busy preparing for Halloween and Christmas. A lot of the traders in Church Street will be getting involved with the celebrations and doing some kind of activity outside their shops on these event days. We also attract a lot of local businesses, home workers and artists who see Church Street & the footfall it attracts gives them a shop window that is very attractive to them, so often we are inundated with requests from stall holders to have stalls in the street.

For Christmas we produce a guide which has an essential what’s on guide to events in the build up to Christmas & New Year. It is free to submit your event, we produce 30,000 of these which have a long shelf life because of the extensive events listings and also they are well supported with adverts from local businesses.

• Anna Sadlar was die to talk about the Village Planning Fund but couldn’t make it and was replaced by Siobhan Oktay.
The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a new tax collected by Richmond Upon Thames Council and paid by developers. The CIL allows the Council to raise funds from developers undertaking new building projects in the borough to support and fund new social and physical infrastructure that the council and local communities want. In Richmond, a portion of the total tax collected in the area will be spent on local priorities; this is the village planning fund.

Any local resident, business or community group, living or operating within London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames, can bring forward a proposal for the Village Planning Fund. The proposal must meet all the criteria to be considered. A community consultation will then be carried out.

You can apply for any amount as long as it does not exceed the total amount available for your village cluster and is above £5,000. More details can be found They have funds for this purpose that they will need to share out in February.

• Naz – Riccardo’s Wine Cellar
This is 3 shops in one. It has a great ambience with the space shared by Eel Pie Records, Limpopo Butchers and Riccardo’s Wine Cellar.

Limpopo specialise in SA meats and products but they are also a regular butcher with steaks, lamp chops and pies. All meat is British,

Riccardo’s Wine Cellar specialises in craft ales & wines, from a drink after work to something more special. Also offers cigars, Delicious cheeses, books on wine & cheese and also offers a bespoke tasting room.

Events: 29 Sept 1-7pm. Riccardo’s 6th year of holding these kind of events. Usually holds them at the Cabbage Patch. This is Riccardo’s Cellars first one. There will be a wine maker from S.A where you will be able to taste his wines as well as other South African wines. An independent French Importer and another importer covering Italian & Spanish wines. There will be tasters from Limpopo Butchers and Music by Eel Pie Records. There is an offer for local businesses, it is usually £5 in advance and £8 at the door. But you can buy 2 and get one free or pay £5 on the day instead of £8.

• Berkley Driscoll and Teresa Read on why the ‘Twickenham Tribune’ is good for Twickenham.
They are now on their 47th weekly edition. They started it as they felt the RTT had lost its way and was no longer fulfilling a local purpose. They publish a postcard page which is full of local history. They try and be as local as possible, concentrating on contributions from the TW1 and TW2 areas, Teddington, Strawberry Hill, Hamptons, Whitton. They work closely with the Teddington Society who send a copy of it to their data base. Many other local societies in the area are also subscribers. It has a very wide & growing audience. Advertising is very reasonable and they have an offer right now of £80 for 4 quarter pages.

• Con O’Brien on ‘Sporty Twickenham’
Exciting event next month is the NFL on the 22nd and 29th of October. Minnesota Vikings v Cleveland Browns and Arizona v LA Rams. Tickets are already apparently sold out. Is a good opportunity for businesses to do something in the town. Unlike Rugby, American football is more family orientated, they come to watch with their kids so the restaurants and also the shops should do well. Each game lasts about 3 and a half hours but they play a very short time of that so there is plenty of time for people to pop out and buy food and drink etc. Lots of Americans coming. Good opportunity to put Twickenham on the world stage.

If anyone wants free Harlequin tickets for a competition and they have a face book and twitter account and a data base, Harlequins would give them this in return for them running a competition with a relevant Rugby question and would take a photo of them in front of their shop.

• Maurice Parry-Wingfield – Turner’s House
Turner’s House is a very pretty Regency Villa built by JMW Turner who lived there. The Turner’s House Society inherited the house 6 years ago in a very run down state. They needed to raise a lot of money in order to restore it. They managed to raise 2.4 million. A couple of years ago when this project started they were the official charity for the Twickenham Festival run by the Twickenham Town Business Association.

• Dr Antimos Ouzounoglou – Richmond Dental Suite
Originally he was brought up in Sweden and moved to the UK 17 years ago. He is a local resident after moving here with his family. Originally had the account of BP but they shut that practise down so he moved to Richmond which is where the name came from. He still had a lot of clients from BP. Eventually he ran out of space and money and decided to open his practise at 29-31 Heath Road.

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