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Kindred Spirit Band Album Launch Concert "Elemental" 2nd November

Kindred Spirit Band Album Launch Concert

Unique Richmond Band Launch Stunning Album

The Kindred Spirit Band, founded by long time Richmond resident, and inspirational, community minded singer / song-writer / guitarist, Elaine Samuels, will be launching what is set to be a ground breaking album, “Elemental”, on Saturday, November 2nd. The concert is being staged in All Hallows Church Hall, Twickenham and will be raising money for one of the Richmond Mayor’s chosen charities, “Home Start”.

The five-piece, Kindred Spirit Band has a completely original take on the Prog Folk Rock genre, weaving thrilling electric violin and flute / sax with “perceptive and intriguing” song-writing, driving rhythms and “haunting and bewitching” female vocals. Combined with Elaine’s expansive, scientific edged concepts and “perceptive and intriguing” lyrics, their sound has been likened to “Curved Air”, “Fleetwood Mac” and the “Moody Blues”. Find out more about the band at
The charity, which sales of the album at the launch concert will be raising money for, is “Home-Start” ( Home-Start is a local community network of trained volunteers providing expert support helping families with young children through their challenging times. They provide compassionate, confidential help and professional support. Families struggling with post-natal depression, isolation, physical health problems, bereavement and many other issues receive the help of a volunteer who will spend around two hours a week in a family’s home supporting them in whatever ways they need.They also give help to families in groups, holding day trips and Christmas parties and dealing with access local services, for example.
Elaine Samuels, the band’s founder and driving force, began performing in folk clubs at the age of only 13, getting a mention in the local press after her first spot in public as “one to watch”! She moved to Richmond in the early ’80s, where she first began working to help the local community, by becoming a scout leader for the First Richmond Scout Group, based in Queen’s Road, Richmond (

Visits to Richmond’s vibrant May Fair became an annual event for Elaine, beginning with selling home-made cakes in First Richmond Scout’s refreshment and bric-a-brac marquee.

Elaine pursued a career in science, thinking her music wouldn’t be a “proper job”, and gained a degree in electronic engineering, working as an engineer for almost a decade, which, along with being a scout leader, was very unusual for women in those days! It was this training in science, gaining a deeper understanding of the nature of things and learning how to design and structure, which she believes has given her song-writing a deeper and more scientific perspective!

She became a regular performer at the local Twickenham Folk Club (, at the Cabbage Patch, on Sunday nights, where she realised that engaging an audience with her original material was her true calling. So, following the birth of her son in the early ’90s, she seized the opportunity alook after her son during the day and have a career as a singer / song-writer / guitarist in the evenings. She began performing, as a solo act, writing and singing her own songs and attracting enough attention to be spotted and featured several times on television and radio!

“Elaine has a voice which can be both hauntingly beautiful & deeply emotional, coupled with a powerful stage presence. Her material ranges from folk through to blues, but it is her rich repertoire of perceptive, intriguing self penned songs combined with her guitar work which sets her apart”.
Rosie Upton, Bath Evening Chronicle
Later in the ’90s, she began performing on the stage at Richmond May Fair, instead of watching from the scout refreshment marquee and in 1995, first performed at Richmond’s “On The Edge”, with her Kindred Spirit duo.
Over the next few years, she evolved a full band, notably performing at Guildford and Glastonbury Festivals and Liverpool’s famous Cavern Club, much to the delight of John Lennon’s half sister, Julia, who rushed around back stage to compliment them straight after their performance! In Richmond you may have seen the duo and band performing at Richmond May Fair, “On The Edge” (beside Richmond Bridge) as well as the Surrey Food Festival, held on Old Deer Park. She began performing at Richmond May Fair with the full band and every year kept being told by the organisers how the band were getting even better and being invited back! The Kindred Spirit Band has almost become a regular May Fair feature now!

Elaine had struggled with her weight since a child and joined WW (The New Weight Watchers visiting Richmond’s Tuesday morning workshops at the Vestry, in Paradise Rd., with WW Coach, Jenny Crook. She reached her her goal weight in 2018 and, encouraged by Jenny, trained and became a WW Coach herself, with three local workshops (in Isleworth, East Sheen and Kingston). Influenced by her training, she wrote a sunny, uplifting, ‘festival feel’ song, encouraging others to take a positive step and make a change to their lives, called “Make A Change”, which also features on the new “Elemental” album.

Elaine is concerned by environmental issues and many of her songs have environmental themes. For example, the title track of her previous album, “Metamorphosis” likens the greed of modern man to an enormous, ravening, caterpillar-like monster rampaging across the earth and consuming everything, including the human beings who get in the way. Some of the humans consumed inside the beast discover other like-minded individuals and cause a metamorphosis of the monster into a healing, spiritual butterfly, which then flies over the earth, healing it! Elaine has come to realise that it is very difficult for us to change our modern way of life because we are so entwined with the systems we live within. Given calls for change seem to be going unheeded, she feels that encouraging families to consider having a maximum of two children in future should stop the growing problem of global overpopulation. This action could be taken directly by the people themselves, without the requirement of governmental action. The halt to (and even reduction of) population growth would then help to reduce the impact of the modern, human way of life on the planet. While this would not be the whole answer to saving humanity from itself, it would certainly help. So she set about writing a scientifically persuasive song, called 泥on’t Have More Than Two・ which features on the new, 摘lemental・ album and which she hopes will help to influence positive change. Local, Richmond residents of all ages came together to sing on the choruses, during the recording of this song! The song has also been applauded by the group 撤opulation Matters・ ( whose patron is Richmond resident and national treasure, Sir David Attenborough, who said,
“Slowing population growth is key to saving the planet”
You can hear and share this song (for free) via this link:-
Following the death of her artist father, Desmond Jones, in 2013, who grew up in Richmond Borough, Elaine organised an 摘xtraordinary Art Auction・ of his vibrant work, hosted by famous antiques expert Charlie Ross, which was held at Richmond College, in June 2017, where Desmond Jones studied, when it was known as Twickenham Art School. This event raised money for a large number of Richmond’s many fantastic charities, with money from each painting going to a different charity! You can see the work and more about the event from

Elaine inherited her late father’s artistic ability and has produced many of her previous album covers ( This album artwork is also one of Elaine’s creations, complementing the intriguing album content of alchemy and exploration by presenting a scientific puzzle. Elaine was influenced by the life and work of Dr John Dee, the astrologer and alchemist advisor to Queen Elizabeth 1st, who lived in Mortlake for much of his life. At a London exhibition of his life and work, she saw some of his books, annotated by his own, hand drawn doodles and a ‘pointing finger’ to highlight important points. Her album puzzle is based around an astrolabe on the CD, which can be used, together with a map lying beneath the CD, to find a hidden message within the lyrics, which are laced with annotations and doodles!

In April 2016, the band were spotted by the wider prog rock world, where they have been embraced, with great reviews of gigs and their most recent album, “Phoenix Rising”, leading to international album distribution and a feature in the January 2017 edition of Prog Magazine.

“Folk rock meets classical with a scientific edge”
Rachel Mann, Prog Magazine

“These musicians are so talented, their singing is so harmonious, and they truly raise the bar for live music…This is no run of the mill covers band, this is an experience, something different, something special. Don’t miss out”!
Rebecca Grogan, entertainment organiser Ottershaw Social Club

Joining Elaine, the current Kindred Spirit Band line-up features the classically trained Catherine Dimmock, playing flute and saxophone, who also has a most beautiful voice (taking a lead role on the bonus track of the new album); Martin Ash, also a classically trained player, on violin and viola; Mike Hislop, playing driving bass guitar and drumming legend, Les Binks (ex Judas Priest) or prog rock loving Aleem Saleh.

Martin Ash, deserves a special mention, since he is not only an exceptional player, being able to play folk and country equally as well as rock riffs through an effects pedal and with a flair for improvisation, but he gets completely immersed in the music and, during wild solos, will launch himself and his wireless electric violin, to their delight, amongst the audience!

“If anyone ever wanted an entertaining fiddle or violin player they should use Martin Ash. An excellent performer that you can’t take your eyes off.”
Jamie Goddard, the Zoots

The band have released six previous albums. In 2018 they began recording their next album. It deals with topics including the apocalypse, miracles, overpopulation, alchemy, escaping daemons and Viking invasion! All of these songs have Elaine’s perceptive and often intriguing touch! The first song on the album, “No Smoke Without Fire” won a song-writing competition in March. The title track, “The Alchemyst” is being featured on the cover mount CD of the September 2019, issue 102 of the global music magazine, “Prog” and the final, bonus track is a cover of a classic song, which fans have asked them to record, as they have made it their own putting a special slant on it!

The album recording and cover have been finished to a very high standard and is currently being manufactured and about to be born into the world! You can hear clips of all the tracks, see some of the artwork and book your ticket to this special event from

See the web site here!

Join them and be a part of this historic, new album launch on November 2nd, in Twickenham! Also, buy your copy of this stunning, new, “Elemental” album and help Elaine and the Kindred Spirit Band not only raise funds to help young people in Richmond Borough but also influence the wider world in a positive way…

Buy tickets here

All information about the album and the launch, including audio clips and views of the intricate album artwork can be found from:-
the website

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