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Twickenham Festival Raffle 2018

Twickenham Festival Raffle 2018

Over years the Festival Raffle has raised £1,000`s for Local Charities and Local Restoration programmes. The first beneficiary was Strawberry Hill House long before restoration was started and indeed they needed funds to help in putting in for grants, at that time the building was pretty dilapidated and we are proud of that our little contribution helped what is now a National Treasure. Another year we adopted Turners House as it was setting out on the long road to restoration. The Alexander Popes Grotto is another project the Festival has always been involved in.

The TAG Youth Club for Disabled Young People

This year’s charity adopted by the Festival Raffle is the TAG Youth Club for Disabled Young People. It is a registered charity based in Ham. Please see the web site!

The charity treats all young people fairly and equally as individuals. It aims to provide them with a safe, caring, well equipped environment accessible to all where the members have the opportunity to participate in personal and social development activities including arts, drama, music and sport.

Here in Matthew`s words is what it is all about:

“My name is Matthew and I am a 22 year old man. I have cerebral palsy and a learning disability. I am a wheelchair user and rely on support in every aspect of my life. For me TAG youth club is really important. I started going when I was 15 years old and I will leave when I am 25. I’ve done some amazing activities that I wouldn’t have ever got the chance to do without the amazing support I get at the club, for example, I have been [indoor] rock climbing. I also take part in really fun activities like water games, line dancing, discos, karaoke, bowling and go kart racing. I can do these things outside the club as well, but, I get to do these things with my friends and feel part of a community at TAG. I have some really good friends at TAG who always say “hello” to me and make me feel included in the group. My favourite people are Joseph, Christopher, Emma, Katie and Libby. At TAG I can take part in most activities, even as a non-walker. Activities are adapted for me and other people in wheelchairs. We don’t have to just watch other people take part but I can take part myself. I even got to sit on a cycle and was supported to use the pedals!

I have learned and improved so many skills at TAG. I love cooking, especially making cakes, and I have helped run the tuck shop. TAG has a radio station and I love being a presenter on the station during the youth club. I have taken part with City Leaders and helped to give presentations to raise funds for equipment. And I have helped fundraising and raised lots of money for the club. I was supported to go on a sponsored walk of 11 miles and I’ve dressed up as an elf at Christmas time. I love feeling part of the team and I love that I can give something back to TAG.

Without TAG, I think I would feel lonely and definitely less active. I do things outside of TAG as well but TAG offers a lot more to build up my skills and experiences than anything else I have done [outside school]. The staff are so kind and treat me as a ‘normal’ man. They don’t let me think I can’t do anything, and will go out their way to get me involved and overcome my disabilities.

Since I’ve been at TAG, I have seen the club grow from a few people coming some weeks to over 30 people come every week. Everyone loves coming and look forward to it every week – I know I do! I really don’t know what I’ll do when it comes to me leaving”.

You’ll meet many members and families from Tag and the volunteers during the Festival selling the raffle tickets as we want to help them raise the money for a club minibus. The 1st prize will be a holiday in Sicily for 4 with flights and car hire in the October School break, but there will be many more prizes on offer. We are still looking for good prizes if you can donate one or know someone who might – we had hoped to be offered a 2nd hand Ferrari but that is eluding us till now – but there has been a wonderful response locally for this genuinely worthwhile cause – so please help us make their wish come true !!!!


They currently have a wish list of items they wish to purchase to enhance the experience of the members and at the top of the list is the minibus which would enable them to provide more community based activities outside of their core sessions, enabling them to partake in important social skill opportunities.

If you are local business we will include the logo on the raffle tickets and all the details will be published on the web site

Prizes that many very kind local businesses have donated so far are:
Villa holiday for 4 to Sicily in the October School break

£50 Voucher from Pulcinella Restaurant Church Street

£50 Voucher from Pincho Restaurant Church Street

Full cream for 2 from the Radnor Gardens Café

Breakfast or lunch for 2 including drinks and ice cream or cake from the Radnor Gardens Café

£25 Gift Voucher from Mint Hairdressing & Day Spa

12 can / bottle case of Craft beer from Real Ale

Case of beer and 2 tickets to a brewery tour from Twickenham Fine Ales

An aesthetic G&T peel worth £95 administered by Dr Stephen Humble from Hedox

A pair of tickets to a Richmond Film Society Season 56 film of the winner’s choice

TW2 Gift Voucher for TW2 Bar & Grill Restaurant up to £50

Potted Acer from the Bloomery

Vicentin Blanc de Malbec from Riccardo’s Cellar.
A rare white wine made from the Malbec grape. Only five vineyards in the world produce this style of wine and only one of which exports to the UK.. Ricardo’s Cellar is the only UK (retail) stockist as the wine is very difficult to make and produced in extremely small batches so mostly sold to restaurants. It is a beautiful white wine stained pink by the dark skins of the grapes, rich in body and full of succulent fruit flavours it is an exceptional and interesting wine.

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