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Tug of War in Church Street 9 June

Tug of War in Church Street 9 June

The Tug of War inaugurates the Twickenham festival as it does every year on the second Friday of the Month of June, this date this year being the 9th of June. It will start at 6-6.30pm as soon as the teams are entered. This year if all the teams who have expressed an interest turn up, we will have 13 teams from all over Twickenham, groups of friends or work colleagues from gyms, Leap Lawyers, Sami’s the barbers, shop, Any Time Fitness, Blitz Fitness, Good Gym, Boxercise, Sweet Memories of Twickenham, The Puzzle Academy, Affinity Crew based on Swan Island who provide crew for the Olympics! And even a keen group of gardeners called the Percy Thrower Appreciation Society and a team of Rugby Players Thamesians RFC

Every year it draws a bigger crowd, so we are expecting a lot of people this year.

It is a light hearted event and draws a lot of laughs and camaraderie from the teams and the crowd with people crowding Church Street and even sitting on the balconies and hanging out their windows to get a good look at the event.
We hope to see you on the 9th outside the Eel Pie Pub in Church Street Twickenham, for the Eel Pie and Cabbage Patch Challenge. A name that originated from Stuart Green, the landlord of the Cabbage Patch who is the compere of our Tug of war and the drinks that’s the Eel Pie awards the winning team and the runners up.

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