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'We were all children' Campaign by Charity Street Invest

'We were all children' Campaign by  Charity Street Invest

Have you a story to be told?

Imagine growing up with the people you thought you could trust most, letting you down again and again. This is the reality for many street children.
These children often have very damaging starts in life and face terrible abuse on the streets meaning they find it difficult to form positive, healthy relationships
We know they are strong enough to make positive changes in their lives, but they simply cannot do it alone.

That’s why East Twickenham-based charity StreetInvest and their partners in 14 countries support street workers to provide unconditional and non-judgmental help to these children out on the very streets where they live, work and play.

StreetInvest’s we were all children campaign includes stories from people like you and I when we faced difficulties in the past, and had someone trustworthy there to help us. They make compelling watching and reading. And you are encouraged to share your own stories.

The charity is also aiming to attract 100 more donors before 12 April – the International Day for Street Children – and however small your donation, it will be match funded until the end of the year.

That means £3 a month will be worth up to £72 or £6 per month worth up to £144. This adds up to a street worker being able to support 6 or 12 more street children in the poorest of countries for a life-changing year.

The Twickenham Town community has generously given its support to StreetInvest in the past and we hope this will continue so that together we can help improve the lives of thousands of street children across the globe.

Thank You: Eddie Ottmann, StreetInvest Community, Events and Fundraising Manager

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