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Guinness World Record for hula-hooping 10k is smashed at St Mary’s University track

Guinness World Record for hula-hooping 10k is smashed at St Mary’s University track

Jess Parker of Twickenham has broken the Guinness World Record for running 10k with a hula hoop. Her finishing time was 1 hour, 14 minutes and 26 seconds, beating the previous record of 1 hour and 27 minutes by a considerable margin.

The event took place at St Mary’s University track on the evening of 5 September and following the requisite review period by the officials, Jess has now received the confirmation and her certificate.

Jess has been hula-hooping for several years now and runs local ‘Hulabop’ classes to share her love of the activity with the local community. She is also a member of the local Bearcat Running Club – and many of her fellow club members were there on the record-breaking night to cheer her on and assist with the official recording of the event.

Jess not only smashed the record, but she completed the entire 10k run without once dropping the hoop.

Moreover, Jess chose to raise sponsorship money, which has been donated to Moorfields Eye Hospital, a charity very close to her heart. Her nephew has a rare eye condition called achromatopsia and charitable donations to Moorfields will enable further vital research.

Speaking of her achievement, Jess says:
“I love hula hooping and I love running, so combining my two passions seemed like a good challenge to set for myself. I trained hard for the event, and I have to thank my support crew – I couldn’t have done it without them. I am also grateful to everyone who sponsored me and helped raise money for Moorfields.”

The official listing of Jess’s World Record can be found here

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