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Minutes of TTBA Meeting 16 November 2016

Minutes of TTBA Meeting 16 November 2016


1. Fiona Marshall – INS
2. Cllr Benedict Dias
3. Siobhan Oktay – LBRuT Community Links
4. Anil Dhar – Noush
5. Sophie King – Bloomery
6. David McGeachie – Tenant Finder
7. Anne Wells – Twickenham Yacht Club
8. Gordon Slater – Twickenham Yacht Club
9. Julie Sheldrick – Alissias Attic
10. Sam Barouki – Schmidt
11. Faisal Mourad – Rosie Chai
12. Hala Mourad – Rosie Chai
13. Sian Kelley – The Velvet Principal
14. Sean Brereton – The Velvet Principal
15. Laura Teal – Strawberry Hill House
16. Valeary Beard – Strawberry Hill House
17. Shelle Luscombe – Shelle Luscombe
18. Gina Wade – Eel Pie Club
19. Warren Walters – Eel Pie Club
20. Stella Ghery De Bray – Mary Wallace Theatre
21. Cllr Clare Head – LBRuT Radnor Gardens
22. Riccardo Garcia – Last Try Wines
23. John Goodwin – Richmond Job Club
24. Steve Shade – Richmond Job Club
25. James Tuke – Resident
26. Preeti Khutti – German Bakery / Food2Go
27. Harpreet Singh – German Bakery / Food2Go
28. Shona Lyons – TTBA
29. Bruce Lyons – TTBA
30. Teresa Read – Twickenham Times
31. Berkley Driscoll – Twickenham Times
32. Stuart McRae – Resident

Intro by Bruce Lyons

1. Amil Dhar – Noush Indian Restaurant Richmond Road
Past History – Head Chef of MW Eat group of Indian Restaurants
Has a vision of concentrating on Indian Street Food. How you eat food when you go out in India, exactly how it looks and tastes when you buy this food on streets in India.
He is concentrating on a small menu of street food and curries. Only has 38 covers.
Also offers take away through Derliveroo but thinks that eating in the restaurant gives a better experience of the food.

2. Preeti Khutti & Harpreet Singh –German Bakery & Food2Go : Water Lane
Recently opened their shop / bakery in Water Lane specialising in German Organic bread, rye, spelt, Sour Dough, Pumpkin Bread, also gluten free breads and sweets and savouries.
They found it hard to find the bread that they loved to eat in Germany which is why they decided that there was a market for it here in Twickenham. Harpreet was brought up in Germany.

3. Hala & Faisal Mourad – Rosie Chai Church Street
They have taken over the Rosie Chai tea room with Lebanese dishes. They are from Lebanon Originally but have also had a farm in Africa and a fashion business in Lebanon but due to the war in Syria which has an impact on Lebanon they decided to move to the UK with their young son.

4. Teresa Read and Berkley Driscoll : Twickenham Times
They are focusing on the Twickenham side of the River Thames & the surrounding villages.
They would like the online newspaper to focus on The Arts, Entertainment, and Events & Sports etc. They will also offer Advert Space starting at £37.50 for a ¼ page. There will be a PDF & Flash version.

5.• Sophie King : The Bloomery
We will be providing above shop Christmas trees, pre lit for £45 which will be installed and taken down. Please place your order asap as we’ll be installing them next week. We’ll also be selling our premium grade Nordman fir (non drop) cut Christmas trees and pot grown Christmas trees from the 26th of November at the shop on Church st, Alongside door wreaths and other seasonal gifts and plants. The Bloomery

6. Fiona Marshall INS Charity
A local charity supporting people who are affected by stroke, Parkinson’s, motor-neuron disease,
To help manage their lives and provide them with long term support in the form of physiotherapy, therapists, rehabilitation etc for groups and for individuals. They have in the past had high profile support from the Mayor and they are putting themselves forward for the Aviva Community Fund for which they need as many votes as possible in order to secure the extra funding.

7. Warren Walters – The Eel Pie Club
26 November they will be staging their 1940s Re-enactment party at The Winning Post.
They will be having a charity raffle with all proceeds going to INS.

8. Stella Gheury de Bray : CEO Mary Wallace Theatre
Not having traditional Pantomime. Having “Oh what a lovely war” from the 10th until the 17th of December. The theatre is equipped for those that have hearing disability but not really for people with mobility issues as there are small steps, but the team is happy to assist those in need to navigate the small steps if need be. They also take advertising in their programs which are finished to a professional standard and a good way to reach the local community.


9. Cllr Clare Head Chairman of the Friends of Radnor Gardens.
Radnor Gardens is owned by the council but there is a new café at Radnor Gardens in the Old air raid shelter. They are having a quiz at St Catherine’s School on the 29th of November.
They would like to add a glass extension to the café and the quiz is in order to raise money for this. There is a meal included and a bottle of wine for two, and it costs £12. You can buy tickets on the council’s web site.

10. Siobhan Oktay LBRuT Community Links : Twickenham Village face book page
Has a reach of 3,000 a week so if you have events etc that you would like to publicise you can join the group & add them.

Next Meeting : TBA

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