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Together As One is Registered Charity No. 1142042
Patron: Dr. Vince Cable

Together As One is a drop-in service primarily for people in LBRuT who suffer from mental health difficulties. However TAO welcomes anyone suffering loneliness or social isolation.

TAO holds free drop-in sessions 3 full days each week offering a space to socialise, hot meals at cost price, art group, craft group, snooker, board games and many other possible activities depending on what our current volunteers can offer! All activities are free. We also organize occasional outings.

Our aim is to empower the clients, giving them control and ownership of the project, promoting self-reliance, self-confidence and self-esteem whilst reducing isolation and promoting friendships and social inclusion.
The service encourages general life skills, coping skills and interactive skills as the clients work with the volunteers, organising and running the group.
We believe that all these things reduce illness to the benefit of both our clients and society, as well as improving the lives of this disadvantaged group.

Please take a look at our web site

It is a constant challenge to pay the rent so we can continue to run this vital service so we are always looking at ways to raise funds and are open to any suggestions and help.

Ways that you could help
 Volunteer – your time, skills, suggestions and support will be welcome.
 Sign-up to Give As You Live – this will not cost you a penny and will take very little once-off time:
Give as you Live is an online shopping tool that allows our supporters to shop online whilst raising funds for the charity. Thousands of stores including Amazon, Tesco, John Lewis have signed up to donate a percentage of each purchase to the chosen charity at no cost to you or the charity. A % of each purchase is donated to the charity from the retailer; the percentage donated varies for each retailer but on average it is 1.5 %
 Donate – a one-off donation or a small amount each month (see TAO website)

Please contact me if you feel you can help even in a small way or if you know somebody who might benefit from coming along. Or pop in to say hello….
Carol Ajegbo, Secretary of Together As One (TAO) Tel: 07554991379

How to sign up to Give As You Live

From a mobile or a computer or a tablet:

• Go to the Give As You Live website and sign up.
• Choose Together As One as your charity.
• Wait for the confirmation email and click ‘confirm your account’.
• You should then be offered the option of installing a shopping bar and this is a good idea.
You are now ready to shop!

So when you do want to buy something you can go to the Give As You Live website (maybe put this in your favourites bar?) and select your retailer from there – that means your subsequent purchase will be tracked and the retailer will automatically give a percentage (usually around 1.5%) of the purchase price to the charity.

Alternatively if you are using a computer (not a mobile) AND you have installed the shopping bar you can go to most retailer sites without having to go through the Give As You Live website. In these cases (and this method is not possible for Amazon or Ebay, probably because they are trying to limit donations) you should see a red Give As You Live banner right at the top of your screen: click on that to make it green and then continue with your purchase.

After each purchase you will get an email telling you how much you have raised for the charity.

Thank you for helping to maintain our much valued service.

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